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We’re always looking for people with drive, ambition, enthusiasm, discipline, and above all – potential. Sparq is built on an ethos of recognising talent and then providing an environment and culture that allows that talent to flourish. It doesn’t matter if you have sales experience or a track record already, you go as far and as fast as your abilities allow. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, from an out and out rookie to someone who has already cut their teeth in sales, you join us with a fresh outlook, ready to learn the Sparq way. If we see potential, you’ll get your chance.

Sales Programme

On Joining Sparq, you begin your training on the Sales Programme. Mentored by experienced and successful industry leaders, you will learn everything you need to know about the business, sales and marketing, and our direct marketing technique in particular. The modular training is practical, individual, and you progress at your own pace.

Business Development Programme

Once you are established and have mastered the sales role, you move on to learning the skills you need to lead and manage other sales staff. Your focus moves from developing yourself to how to develop and mentor others in turn, and how to contribute to the on-going growth of the business as a whole.

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